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Fueling STEAM education through the arts

‘Keys To Code’ is an artistic initiative to fuel STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) education and awareness through the arts. This ongoing series features music projects, curated by Advaith Subramanian, composer, and keyboardist from Dallas, TX in collaboration with other independent artists and bands around the world. Donations & proceeds from Keys To Code will fund STEAM education for the underprivileged through Cracking The Wonder Code, a nonprofit initiative based out of Dallas, Texas.

You can join the movement by donating towards this initiative here!


From ocean plankton to Venus' flytraps, inside every plant, there is an insanely complex little molecular engine that turns sunlight into food. Across billions of years, life figured out how to pull off this trick, and, in the process, photosynthesis shaped the history of the entire planet! So, thank a leaf next time you see one — and celebrate the glory of the green. The glory that is PHOTOSYNTHESIS! We aspire to bring that glorious phenomenon alive through our first music project!


4.4 billion years ago, the earth was covered with water vapor and the atmosphere was supplied with steam. In the following millions of years, with the cooling of the planet, rain began to pour down and create puddles, lakes, and oceans. In Project #2: PRECIPITATION, we celebrate this stunning phenomenon that strokes Planet Earth with fresh water, in myriad hues and forms. What starts out as a simple, yet soulful melody relentlessly builds up to a “thillana” as the piece progresses. Precipitation features a power trio of fine classical instruments, melodious vocals, and classical dance. We hope to leave our audiences humming this tune, long after this performance is over.

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